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Hello. I’m David Stone, owner of Our Town Temple, and I have a story to tell. I’m a lifelong journalist with 43 years of experience. My grandfather was a journalist, and so was my great grandfather. A while back, I woke up with a new attitude about my life and my career. I decided I had enough of murder and mayhem. I wanted to write something upbeat and inspirational. I did. And I haven’t stopped. Our Town Temple is a seven-day-a-week digital news magazine that focuses on the people, businesses, events and history of the Temple, Texas, area. The stories are positive, and they provide readers with an alternative to yet another article about crime, politics and global warming. Those stories are important, but as a reader we are flooded with those topics. Our Town Temple maintains the most comprehensive calendar of events in Central Texas, presenting readers with tons of entertainment options. Some of my favorite stories have been spotlights on new and existing small local businesses. In the past year, Our Town Temple has spotlighted more than 300 new retail stores, restaurants, breweries and home businesses, and I’m nowhere near done. On Mondays I like to take my readers back to the Temple of yesterday with features on the people and events that shaped this town. I also put a hopeful spin on serious topics such as homelessness, affordable housing, loneliness and gang activity. I don’t just present the problem, I also report on what is being done to resolve the issues. Upbeat and accurate, those are the hallmarks of Our Town Temple. 

David Stone

- Our Town Temple publisher

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