Dinner and a Dance

Mo’s Railyard Saloon has expanded and added a Saturday Night Fever-style dance floor and a huge 5×12-foot LED television. But, the biggest change is the addition of a new cafe adjacent to the bar. The Grill at Mo’s features daily Blue Plate specials and traditional bar food. Dan Kelleher photo

The Grill at Mo’s open for lunch and dinner in Downtown Temple


Mo’s Railyard Saloon has introduced new changes in the past few weeks, and the new version is bigger, flashier and a whole lot more filling than the previous version of the Downtown bar.

Mo’s is still right where it always has been at 10 W Avenue B, plus owner Mike Mulholland recently took over an adjoining space that housed PJ’s Table Top cafe. That space is now called The Grill at Mo’s, and it features quick meals for Downtown workers and tavern patrons.

There also have been several changes inside the bar.

“We’ve added a 12 foot by 15 foot lighted dance floor that is reminiscent of the disco dance floor in Saturday Night Fever,” Mulholland said. “We have a DJ every Friday and Saturday, and there’s been a lot of dancing. We hope to start having some bands in the upcoming year.”

Also new is a huge 5×12 foot LED television, perfect for viewing football games and other sports.

“We’ve also added a second pool table, pinball, foosball and a punching bag game,” he said. 

But the biggest change is the addition of The Grill at Mo’s, and Mulholland even brought in a chef to run the food-side of the business.

Paul Delatorre is the former executive chef at Benny’s Ristorante Italiano, which was located Downtown until it shut down about two years ago.

“I started drinking at Mo’s, and one thing led to another,” Delatorre said. “Now I’m the chef here.”

Delatorre received formal training at the Colorado Institute of Art & Culinary, but he has been cooking since he was a child.

“I started working at Taco Bell as a kid,” he said. “Later I was working for a Marriott in Colorado and they asked if I was interested in going to school to become a chef. I said ‘yes.’”

The Grill at Mo’s primarily features bar food such as burgers, hotdogs, panini sandwiches, Philly cheesesteaks, wings …that sort of fare. But, the establishment also offers a Blue Plate daily special.

“The Blue Plate changes every day, but we’ve had shrimp, Cuban nachos with black beans and pork, meatloaf, Reuben sandwiches … it’s a work in progress,” Delatorre said.

“We primarily serve bar customers and Downtown workers,” he said. “It’s a place to get something quick. The other day I had 20 people come in at once, and I got them their meals expediently.”

The Grill at Mo’s is open Tuesday through Saturday. The business is open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. to serve Downtown workers and those shopping or doing business in the area, Mulholland said. 

The Grill reopens at 5 and serves dinner to about 9, then it serves a bar menu to Railyard Saloon customers until just before closing time.

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