Family recipes still among favorites

Stuffing and dressings are America’s favorite Thanksgiving side dishes.

Central Texans are serious about Thanksgiving sides


According to a report released by Campbell’s Soup, stuffing is America’s favorite Thanksgiving side dish, followed closely by mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and macaroni and cheese. For the most part, those traditional favorites hold true right here in Central Texas. And for many Temple-area cooks, old family recipes still hold the key to Thanksgiving success.

“My favorites are green bean casserole and my Mama’s dressing recipe,” said Regina Corley, and she is far from alone. 

Here are a few of the comments received in a recent Our Town Temple survey:

Tricia Maddux-Corbitt: “My Momma’s dressing was the best. She always made two pans for a community-wide Thanksgiving, plus a small cake pan full just for me!”

Danny McDonald: “My favorite side is my grandmother’s cornbread dressing. It was the best.”

Tim Simecek: “I’d have to say my favorite Thanksgiving dish was my Mom’s poppyseed kolaches.”

Denise Karimkhani: “My mother made the best cornbread dressing.”

Juanita Counselman Waley: “Cornbread dressing with my Dad’s giblet gravy recipe and my daughter’s sweet potato casserole — that’s all I need.”

Rachel Greenhaw: “My favorites? My Mom’s cornbread dressing and cranberry salad.”

Rachel Hicks: “My Mom’s cornbread dressing was the best.”

Dan Golder: “I’d have to say my favorite side is my father-in-law’s cornbread dressing. My wife makes it so good. There’s none of that bottled stuff in it — moist, just the right texture and it tastes so good. I could eat a bowl full with a little gravy on top.”

Sandy Folger Dlugas: “Dressing. It reminds me of my Mom.”

Ellen Stone-Stewart: “I love cornbread dressing and cranberry right out of the can, cream of chicken soup, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes with brown sugar and sausage. I don’t like turkey, but I love Thanksgiving. Of course a big slice of pecan pie for dessert. So good, and lots of family memories.”

Not all dishes mentioned were from family recipes — some were just personal favorites. Jason Deckman, for instance, loves his homemade gravy.

“I start with a roux based on saved bacon grease,” Deckman said. “I add drippings from whatever beast we cook for dinner. It could be duck, it could be brisket. Either way, my gravy kicks ass. You’ll want to put it on everything but Jello.”

Lisa Sullivan: “I have to have cornbread dressing, cranberry sauce and homemade rolls. The rest are just bonuses.”

Anna Alam: “Without a doubt, my favorite side is green bean casserole.”

Sharon Walden Harrison: “I love cornbread dressing with cranberry sauce — the jelled kind in a can with the funky lines.”

Suzanne McClintick: “My favorites are broccoli, rice and cheese casserole, and streusel sweet potatoes.” 

Katy Graham: “I love the sides. My favorites are dressing, sweet potato casserole, pecan pie, buttermilk pie and fresh cranberry sauce.”

Pam Griffin Moriarty: My favorites are cornbread dressing, Waldorf salad and my Mom’s sweet potato casserole.”

Kacy Hester Jarma: “I’m not a turkey fan. I love Mac and cheese, and ham.”

Stephanie Fondy: “Ham.”

Darnell Culp Dragoo: “Cornbread dressing and cranberry sauce.”

Karen Connell: “My favorites are cornbread dressing, fresh cranberry relish, turkey or ham, real mashed potatoes with gravy.”

Carrie Anderson: “The best side dish is mashed potatoes.”

JD McBride: “It’s obvious — beer!”

JD is co-owner of Fire Base Brewing Co, so I’ve got to ask: What beer goes best with turkey and dressing?

“Definitely a porter, stout or doppelbock.”

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