No Limits Monster Truck & Thrill Show

Tickets on sale now at The Expo; event runs Jan. 13-14

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The thunder rolls into The Expo on Jan. 13-14 for the annual return of the No Limits Monster Truck & Thrill Show. The action starts at 7:30 p.m. both nights.

“We’ve been coming to Bell County for 20-something years,” said Ed Beckley, CEO of No Limits. “We like the crowd, we like the Expo staff and we love this arena. It’s big, and we can go wide open.”

Today’s top monster trucks will be there, including King Krunch, Fatal Attraction, Prime Time, Watchman, Tantrum and Outlaw Wrangler, a mud-slinging, car-crushing Jeep.

“We have so much going on,” Beckley said. “This is going to be a relief — an escape from all your problems. You’ll have a chance to get out and enjoy the normal things in life, like trucks going fast in the mud and making a tremendous noise.”

One of the highlights of the show is sure to be Kaptain Khaos and his death-defying stunts. Khaos — a Hollywood stunt professional — will hit a 10-foot ramp at full speed and fly nearly the entire length of the arena floor.

“Then he will slam into a 30-foot stack of cars,” Beckley said. 

Beckley called No Limits a “motorized circus” that draws crowds to Belton from Austin, Waco and even the Houston area. But some of the stars of the show will be local folks.

“We have several events featuring people from Bell County,” he said. “One of the favorites is the kids’ Power Wheel races. People bring their little battery-powered cars — like a Barbie Jeep or Corvette — and race them.”

Power Wheel contestants are limited to 3 to 9 year olds and they are separated into classes depending on how the machines are powered.

“We have a 6- to 12-volt class and a 24- to 36-volt class,” Beckley said. “The kids like to dress up in costumes and have fun, and their families are encouraged to get down on the track and cheer them on.”

Parents can call (940) 683-4742 to register a child.

A second event for local participants is the Hooligan Mini Bike races.

“This are the little bikes with big fat tires,” he said. “They are the new go-karts. They are fun and competitive, and they are a blast to watch.”

Beckley said entries must have “started life as a mini bike” but may be modified. 

“They must be pull-start, no transmission mini bikes, and they have to have at least one brake,” he said. 

Call the above number for additional rules and regulations, and to enter.

Another popular event that involves the crowd is the Tuff Truck competition.

“It’s a mud race where you bring the vehicle,” Beckley said. “It can be an old truck or your future ex-wife’s car. Actually, sometimes the future ex-wife brings her future ex-husbands truck and buries it in the mud.”

Tickets for No Limits range from $15 to $35 and are available at BellCountyExpo.com.

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