Temple to begin food-waste drop-off program this spring

After the new solid-waste complex opens, Temple residents will be able to take food leftovers and bones to the collection site and deposit the scraps into a 500-gallon food-waste generator. The food will be processed into a soil amendment.


Tiffany Zeitouni uses horse therapy to help soldiers combat PTSD, stress, depression and other mental ailments. But her customers aren’t the only ones who have battled adversity. The horses used in Tiffany’s Hoofbeats for Heroes programs are donated, and most have overcome physical and mental challenges themselves.

Wilson Valley is home to farm-to-glass distillery

The Evans and Wilson families have been farming a piece of land near Little River for about 155 years, and now in addition to corn, wheat, oats and cattle, the ranch also is home to Bell County’s first farm-to-glass distillery.